What's New

Jipan’s New Brand Image

When you enter JiPan, the first thing you’ll notice is the café’s new aesthetic, which has been updated to be more comfortable for our guests and better showcase our breads and pastries. Contemporary with clean lines, robust colors and sleek furniture, we have created an atmosphere that embodies modern Japanese design and sensibilities. However, JiPan still maintains the warmth and charm it has always had.

Expect to find the old favorites that have kept JiPan customers returning since the very beginning. Yes, the flaky and buttery Monroe Bread, sweet potato cake, raisin and walnut bread, and maple syrup croissants will still line the shelves. Ramen, sushi, and the ever popular spaghetti Bolognese will still be on the menu. However, you’ll find that we have tweaked the old favorites to make subtle yet impactful changes.

We enhanced the flavor of our broths, which we use in our Ramens, Udons and Sukiyaki. We’ve also added a few new menu items such as the Sushi Pizza, which comes with a choice of Salmon, Tuna and Unagi. We’ve created new Ramen toppings and constructed delectable sandwiches that showcase our breads, which are still made every day by the same bakers and with the same real ingredients.

Watch out for new baked goods such as French Bread Crisps and soft and chewy Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.

There’s a lot in the works at JiPan and we look forward to feeding you!