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Cake Bombs

We’re stocking our shelves with our newest treat: Cake Bombs!

These two-bite delights are made with our cakes that we crumble up, mix with more yummy things like fudge, icing or flavoured cream, then coat in either rich dark or sweet white chocolate. The Bombs are then rolled in a crumbly powder and topped with sprinkles for good measure.

All the elements in these sweet tiny packages make for a texturally complex and extremely flavourful bite. That’s why they’re the bomb! They are fluffy and moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside and, not to mention, absolutely adorable. For now, Cake Bombs come in chocolate and vanilla.

When we tried coming up with names for this treat, we were stumped! Maybe we didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or the coffee wasn’t strong enough that morning, but our minds were blank. We were, however, sharp enough to realize that, if anyone could come up with a fabulous name, it’s our brilliant JiPan customers!

And so came the creation of NAME THAT TREAT, a contest that allowed our Facebook fans to be creative and send names for a chance to win Php 1,000 to spend at JiPan. The quality and creativity of the entries made it difficult for us to choose, but alas, CAKE BOMBS by Paula Yamsuan reigned supreme.

The other four names that made their way to our Top 5 list are Crumballs by Faith Figuerres, Freckles by Therese Borra, Sugar Bombs by DF Godinez and Gremlins by Danni Magsy Bee.

So come visit and try one. Trust us, they’re the bomb.